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Music for Reluctant Organists

Over the years, I’ve come across quite a few people who have volunteered, often reluctantly, to play the organ at their church or chapel because there was nobody else to do it, on the basis that they play, or used to play the piano. After the initial shock of discovering that the organ doesn’t have a sustaining pedal, and therefore the sound stops as soon as you remove a finger, and then having worked out which of the stops with weird-sounding names to use, they manage to accompany the hymns quite successfully. Then comes the snag of finding something to play before and after the service, without having to practise for hours on end or becoming a nervous wreck. I recently met another of these brave souls who has volunteered to play at her village church, and I’ve put my mind to producing a few pieces for her to use. On this page are links to .pdf files of some of these, together with .mp3 recordings I have made of them.

Any ‘reluctant organist’, or indeed anyone who is interested in trying out these pieces is welcome to print a copy of them for their personal use, or to play at church services.*

I would welcome comments about them, bearing in mind that they are intended for amateur musicians who may not be at all confident about playing the organ in public.

*[But please note: Copyright Al Fredericksson. For personal use only. Copying to another website or republishing in other forms without written permission is forbidden.]

Kyrie eleison from the Mass of St. Clare                   .pdf   Reluctant Organist Kyrie                       .mp3  St Clare Kyrie

Agnus Dei from the Mass of St. Clare                         .pdf   Reluctant Organist Agnus Dei              .mp3  St Clare Agnus Dei

3 Short Pieces in F  –  1                                                     .pdf   Oct 2010 Reluctant Organist 1            .mp3  Oct 2010 1

3 Short Pieces in F  –  2                                                     .pdf   Oct 2010 Reluctant Organist 2           .mp3   Oct 2010 2

3 Short Pieces in F  –  3                                                     .pdf   Oct 2010 Reluctant Organist 3           .mp3   Oct 2010 3

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